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Rockstars of OOO

Category Mobile game
Date August 6, 2015
Client Cartoon Network

Calling all rockstars! Feel the rhythm in Adventure Time Rockstars of Ooo! TAP TO THE BEAT! Get ready for a new musical adventure in the Land of Ooo! Tap to the rhythm to sing and play with Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, BMO, and Fionna! ROCK AROUND OOO! Explore some of your favorite Adventure Time moments, including BMO Noire, Fionna and Cake, Wizard Battle, Marceline’s henchmen, and Party Pat in the Belly of the Beast! 10+ ORIGINAL SONGS! All-new songs were composed exclusively for Rockstars of Ooo! Can you keep up with the beat and ace all 30 levels? Ready to be a rockstar? Rock out with ROCKSTARS OF OOO!

It's not super complex, but it's full to the brim with Adventure Time's irreverent humour and charm, and it offers enough challenge that it's hard not to get engrossed.

Harry Slater, Pocket Gamer.