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Pets No More

Category Mobile game
Date December 29, 2016
Client Purple Tree

Pets no more: Air Hockey is an action/sport game set in the Realm of the Undead Pets.

Break the defense walls and score as many goals as you can before the time runs out. But beware of the Mighty Owl! He'll do anything to keep you from winning.

Simple, intuitive controls: drag your finger anywhere on the screen to move your pet and swipe to shoot faster or make epic saves.

Although easy to pick up, the fast-paced mano a mano match will make you work hard to win.

Are you prepared for the challenge?

Game features:
* Simple, one-hand controls
* Arcade style air hockey / pong-like gameplay
* Amazing music and sound effects
* Easy to learn, hard to master
* Lovely undead pets
* Free to play / No internet connection required