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90s Football Stars

Date December 2018
Client Cartoon Network

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Coming soon for consoles and mobile

90s Football Stars is set in inspiringly bonkers atmosphere and retro art style of the ’90s. It is super fast, dynamic experience with medium sized fields, no fouls and offsides whistled. Just pure fun! Mastering the game is incredibly easy during fun and furious 7vs7 matches.

If you remember the legendary Dutch, Argentinean, and German teams from the not so distant past and such names as Gullit, Romário, and Valderama make you smile, this game is definitely for you and will give you a real thrill. If you don’t, no worries, just play and discover the beauty of old school football!
Game features:
* Fast and dynamic gameplay reminiscent of legendary ’90s football games
* Who needs rules? No fouls and offsides!
* Retro art style with VHS filter designed to give that classic ’90s feel
* Legendary players used as reference: original ’90s kits, haircuts and accessories
* Up to 4 players on local multiplayer
* Super Tackles and Super Speed modes
* International Cup mode and ranking
* 52 national teams
* 28 hand-drawn managers
* Humor – football managers and simulators are boring. Let’s bring back fun to football!

Purple Tree and Klabater want to take fans back to the glorious period of football when two-footed tackles were applauded, stadium atmospheres were buzzing and Sensible World of Soccer was the next big thing, with their upcoming game, ’90s Football Stars!

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